Friday, July 17

Mid-Summer Check In

Hello all! I hope you are having a wonderful summer and getting out to enjoy the beautiful weather! I've had lots of fun with Mr. Kempen hiking, traveling, and doing projects at home. I am so excited to get back in the classroom with my brand new second graders! See you all soon!

Mrs. Kempen


Wednesday, May 27

Our Last Day

Y & Z Day- Yay! Lets Zoom out of school!
It is with a heavy but happy heart that I say our school year is complete. I am so excited for all of my second grade friends to now be third graders, but I am sad that I didn't get more time with you all. I am so proud of all of you and the hard work you put in this year. It has been a hard year for students, teachers, and parents, but we made it! This was definitely a year, and you were definitely a class, that I will never forget ♡ With love (and super tight hugs), Mrs. Kempen

Tuesday, May 26

Tuesday-Catch Up Day

Happy X-day - watch an eXciting movie today!

Please use today and tomorrow to finish up any work you have left. If you are done with everything, then congrats! Here is some things you may do today and tomorrow but none of this is mandatory:
  • Read the Scholastic News The Girl With Olympic Dreams
  • Spend time on 🠚 ABCmouse
  • Practice typing on 🠚 QWERTYtown
  • Check out any days/materials we didn't do on 🠚 Scholastic 
  • Do some reading at home or on 🠚 Raz
  • Get outside and PLAY
As always, 
Hugs, Mrs. Kempen

Saturday, May 23

Happy Birthday Brooklyn!

πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆHere to wish the beautiful Brooklyn a very happy birthday! Make it awesome! πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚

Friday, May 22

Our Last Friday!!

Happy last Friday of the year!! Today is W day- take a "walk" through a zoo by going here 🠊 San Diego Zoo Live Cams and scrolling down to see some live videos of your favorite Zoo animals!
  1. Math Write and Draw Line Graph worksheet
    1. use the table to fill in the line graph with how much money Brandy saved each month
    2. write a sentence on the bottom to tell how her savings changed
  2. Write a letter to next year's second graders
    1. Use a piece of loose leaf to write a letter to next year's second grade class.
    2. Tell them whatever you want, what was fun, easy, or hard about second grade.
    3. Use your neatest handwriting so they will be able to read them! Yes, I will actually be giving these letters to them!
  3. Pocket Printable Independence Day
    1. video with step by step instructions below πŸ ‹

Comment below with a good joke 😎 let's see who can make me laugh!
Hugs, Mrs. Kempen

Thursday, May 21

Friday Eve

Happy almost Friday (also known as Thursday πŸ˜†) and V day- try and eat lots of veggies today!

  1. Complete 4 pages in the handwriting book (through page 46)
  2. Read (not the headphones) 2 books on Raz and answer the questions that go with the book
  3. Spend 30 minutes on ABCmouse, at least 20 on the Learning Path
Comment below so I know you stopped by!
Hugs, Mrs. Kempen

Wednesday, May 20


Today is U day- try doing some things in reverse or backwards today!
  1. Math page 6-10 (instruction video below)
    1. Have something near by to do some practice problems along with me! Blank paper, scratch paper, construction paper, white board- whatever you have at home!
  2. Head to 🠞 Scholastic and scroll down to Day 8: Earth Science - Stars
    1. Click the blue Take Me There!
    2. Watch the story and read the book
    3. Use the buttons on the left side to do the Word Match and Fact or Fiction
  3. Use a blank sheet of loose leaf from the packet to write me a story about a girl named Jill who takes a trip to the moon. 
    1. Try and write for at least 10 minutes- have someone set a timer or watch a clock for you.

Comment below with your favorite thing to see in the night sky. I love looking at our beautiful moon!
Hugs, Mrs. Kempen