Wednesday, April 28

First Communion

 I am happy to extend my congratulations to the second graders receiving First Communion:

  • Levi Lasecki
  • Pria McClintock
  • McKenna Schreiber
  • Parker Van Lanen
  • AJ Vosters
  • Blake Woelfel
  • Aubree Zitzelsberger
May God be with you always!

Wednesday, March 17

St. Patrick's Day

 Happy St. Patrick's Day from second grade! Jesus is our pot of gold! 🍀


Plant Unit

 In our plant unit we experimented with exploding seeds! Check out the fun we had 👇



Monday, February 22

The Statue of Liberty

 Today second grade had fun learning about Lady Liberty and we created our own crowns!

Wednesday, January 13

Math update:

 Today all students got to show how great they are at subtraction by being the teacher for a problem! They had so much fun and all showed me how great they are at subtracting!