Monday, November 25

Conversation starters for your kids!

For those of you who hate asking the dreaded question- "So how was school today?"- and getting the same response day after day- "Fine"- I'd like to offer some alternatives! Here are some of my favorite ways to get students talking; about themselves, their day, and other happenings at school!

  1. How did you help a friend/the teacher today?
  2. What games did you play at recess? Who did you play with?
  3. What was something that made you laugh today?
  4. Tell me about a book you read today.
  5. Who did you sit by at lunch today? Why?
  6. What would your teacher tell me about your behavior today?
  7. What is something you are looking forward to tomorrow?
  8. What was your favorite part about your day?

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